Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I looked like I had just kissed a pumpkin; or, BSC #37: Dawn and the Older Boy

Not too much to say about this book. In it, Dawn gets a crush on an older boy (sixteen with his own car) and loses all sense of self. I never read this series for realism, so this one kinda blew…if I wanted to see girls turn into doormats for stupid boys, I’d watch mtv or lifetime or Degrassi. She realizes she’s being an ass when she finds out he’s sucking face with a high school girl.

My favorite thing about the whole debacle is that Dawn keeps talking about how great Travis’s personality is, but he’s a complete dickwad who thinks he’s tastier than ice cream with magic shell. Or, as Zoolander would say: he thinks he’s too cool for school, but he’s not.

Parallel story: Young Aussie transplant James Hobart lets one of his classmates bully him into leaving his dreams of the footlights and yelling like a madman at poor actors who trip up their blocking. Ah, childhood dreams.

And now for “Awesome 80s Outfit Theatre”—

“But he wasn’t alone. He turned around and linked arms with a great-looking girl. Her long red hair tumbled down her back, and she had high cheekbones, just like a model She was dressed in a white cotton flight suit, exactly the kind of trendy outfit that Claudia or Stacey would wear. I hated her on sight, and then I stopped and reminded myself that it wasn’t her fault she was gorgeous.”

Actually, Dawn, it’s okay to hate someone who is not flying a plane that wears a flight suit of any color or material.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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PoBaL said...

Actually, what you need to read for Awesome 80s Outfit Theatre is the Merivale Mall series.

Cecil said...

I wonder if she KNEW when she wrote those that Hobart was actually a city in Australia. Probably thought she was being obscure and wonderful.


creativemachine said...

Cecil: OMG just like she tried being clever in the LS series, naming one of Karen's new friends Adelaide Sydney. She wasn't even remotely australian from what i can remember so that always confused me... But now i figure she was just trying to be obscure and clever...
Needless to say, it didn't work

Diats: The way Claudia describes her diet made up entirely of smuggled snacks.

charmecia said...

this book started it all
and got us to see what the real Dawn is like
deep down inside
what a fake
insecure bitch
ha ha

metamorphstorm said...

I just don't get why anyone likes or trusts Mary Anne...she ratted Kristy out when she snuck off to the theater with her brothers, rats Dawn out in this one, asked Claudia to confess to cheating on a test because if she did, she'd feel better after...I just don't know. I get that her tattletale thing could be seen as the sense that she doesn't want parents to worry...and yet she's such a wimp. it's just impossible to relate to her or understand why anyone would like her. I think she's just a bad friend... :P

Yeah, when I saw that you'd reviewed this one, the first thing that came to mind was "Oh yeah, this is another book where Mary Anne rats Dawn out for going shopping after school," and while I think Dawn is stupid 99% of the time and all of these girls do really stupid things, you'd think that for someone who supposedly tried so hard to be all grown up, she'd know better than to tell the adults whenever her friends do something even remotely unsafe.