Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Mysterious Meeting in Transylvania; or, BSC #5: Dawn and the Impossible Three

So, this is Dawn’s first BSC book, in which she helps Mary Anne redecorate, makes friends with Kristy by playing in a barn, bitches about perfectly nice weather (especially for New England) and has to solve a problem like the Barretts. Now, Mrs and Mr Barrett have just gotten a divorce, and have a nasty relationship and a shaky grasp on reality…Ma Barrett is a monumental fuck-up, and takes complete advantage of Dawn, who keeps talking about how she-Barrett looks like a model (I know, what? She’s purdy, I can’t ask her questions…); so, Dawn becomes the surrogate mom until Mr Barrett pseudo-kidnaps eldest Barrett child…

In other BSC activities, Kristy plays this game “Let’s All Come In” in which they all pretend to be the staff and guests of a fancy hotel…Now, let me say that Ms. Ann M. Martin is positively obsessed with the fact that Watson is a millionaire…she could just say he’s wealthy or well-off or even rich…but Watson is always described as a millionaire. For some reason, that totally bugs me. Anyway, there’s some Morbidda Destiny action (to whom I will devote an entire entry at some point in the near future) and MARY ANNE’S DAD GETS CONTACTS! [that’s in all caps, ‘cause Mary Anne, Dawn and Kristy totally freak] and Dawn’s mom buys red meat. Dawn doesn’t seem as militantly veggie/health food in this book—she even eats chocolate brownies.

I love that, in the early books, the exposition isn’t codified yet: no mention of California cool, Kristy doesn’t have a “uniform” yet, no overuse of the word “sophisticated” (to which I will also devote an inordinate amount of time soon), etc.

Finally, a quick word about divorce and the single baby-sitter. It never stood out to me, reading these originally, just how much divorce and remarriage there is in these books. And it’s not the end of the world; yeah, it sucks, and it creates all kinds of drama, but all the characters deal the best they can. So that’s actually kinda cool.


Liss said...

Hahaha oh the times when Dawn wasn't a food fascist.

Anonymous said...

I hated Dawn at first but now she's gone back to California, she's bearable.

Anonymous said...

I know this is an old entry, but I just wanted to say that the way divorce and remarriage is handled in the BSC is actually really well done. It's not made to be freaky, sure it sucks, but it's normal. Which is good, and is a number one reason that I look back at those books so fondly.

Also, love your blog. Keep it up!

linainverse5 said...

ha ha ha
i remember that one
dawn was trying to impress travis by doing everything he says
which makes her just as insecure as the girls
and they claim that she's the individual one in the group
but she's really the insecure one
ha ha ha
i like how mary anne
and logan set her up with logan's cousin lewis in the end
but all i can say is

great book
ha ha ha ha ha
i loved it
keep up with the good posts

charmecia said...

i actually like this dawn book
because dawn seems to be a cool person before later on in the rest of the series though

Anonymous said...

Wasn't dawn always "California Casual?" btw, this site is awesome.