Thursday, November 17, 2005

The new Dawn was cool; or, BSC #50: Dawn’s Big Date

So, why do these bitches get mad at their friends for changing their looks? Not just in this one, but also in the-not-yet-recapped Mary Anne’s Makeover. Apparently, when you start to look even a little different, you are a traitorous bitch…at least in Ann M. Martin’s world.

Anyway, this book is kinda a sequel to BSC #37: Dawn and the Older Boy. At the end of that travesty, Mary Anne schemes to get Dawn into a long distance thing with Lewis Bruno, Logan’s cousin in Louisville. Well, in this one, Lewis is coming to visit. And Dawn freaks out. Even though he seems to like her in his letters, Dawn just can’t believe any boy would like her as she is. So she decides she needs to get cool…So she goes to the proto-Hot Topic store in the mall and buys some “wild” clothes and changes her hair. Mary Anne helps a lot, making Dawn think that Mary Anne thinks that Dawn is all wrong (so confusing). But on top of changing her look, she adopts sullen cool-girl persona. Well, when Lewis shows up, he doesn’t know what to make of “the new Dawn.” (Sidebar: apparently Lewis is 13 or 14, and he’s 5’10”. Um, isn’t he a little young to be that tall? Boys don’t growth spurt until 15 or 16, usually, right? Plus, in the cover painting, he looks about 19.)

After some disastrous get-togethers, Dawn finally realizes she’s being a twat, and changes into jeans and a sweatshirt (which apparently is the chosen apparel of the California casual individualists) and sets things right with Lewis…And decides she really likes him, instead of WANTING TO USE HIM TO PRACTICE FOR HAVING A LOCAL BOYFRIEND. Um, isn’t that a little shitty?

Subplot: The BSC’s new clients are a fat kid and his crazy bitchy family. They make him feel better about himself and empower him to lose weight for his own sake, not for his family…aw, touchy-feely.


PoBaL said...

Doesn't the fat kid, like, run water for 10 minutes to hide the sounds of him chowing down on some Oreos?
And then don't they get Claudia, of all people, to sit for him?

I like when Dawn has the half braids-gel-frizz hairstyle.

Lindsay said...

Sorry for commenting so much and randomly, but I just found this thing and have plenty to say.

As for 13/14, 5'10: My little brother is 14 and coming up on six feet. He's at least 5'10 by now.

Also: I noticed y'all (yinz!) are rockin' the 412. I love that place!!

Anonymous said...

I liked this book, but Dawn was completely disillusioned! Also, Travis orders her to cut her hair, and Dawn immediatley obeys him; when he leaves, she shouts to Mary Anne to get some scissors and get cracking. But in the book, it doesn't say anything more about the incident. Also, in the rest of the series, she's still portrayed as having 'long, long, white hair'- but on the front cover, she always has upper back length hair or bra length hair, which isn't WAIST long like she's described as, too.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who was at least that tall at 13, and a girl. So yeah, it really can happen. Or is it just that guys mature later than girls?


Anonymous said...

When Dawn goes 2 the movies with Maryanne, logan and lewis and she wears that outfit ma picked out? Minus the makeup, when Dawn jazzes up the outfit, it loks heaps better.

Anonymous said...

i totally hate MARYANNE IN THIS BOOK.

Anonymous said...

I know a few guys that are 14 and they are about 6' 2".

linainverse5 said...

damn where do i begin
this has got to be my favorite book in the dawn series
this book totally proves that dawn is so insecure
and not as independent
and a individual that she is
did i mention
mary anne is such a jerk in this book
its like she tries to be an asshole for logan
(maybe logan likes assholes)

not to mention i loved the hills
even though they could of just listened to the son
and take those snacks away from him
and his sister was such a bitch
but other than that
great book