Wednesday, December 21, 2005

how sad am i?

I had a dream that involved the BSC last night. Well, not really the BSC, but my search for BSC books...

I was visiting the dream-version of a city I may be moving to in real life, and I found a used bookstore in a pseudo-Chinatown-esque warehouse district (note: this particular small city has no Chinatown). So, I'm browsing, and they have the MOTHERLOAD of BSC books. Only problem is, they only have the later ones, which I wasn't familiar with...Now, in real-life, these titles don't exist. I wish I could remember some of the titles and cover art that my twisted little head came up with...

Sorry, I didn't have time to read one of the books this week...Hopefully, I'll have time to do some reading over the holiday weekend...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Well, we all make mistakes; or, BSC #19: Claudia and the Bad Joke

Sometimes, although not nearly as much as when I’m watching the John Hughes oeuvre, I wonder where the parents in Stoneybrook are. Not necessarily the parents of the BSC’s charges, but the parents of the BSC members. I know that they show up for advice, or to punish the BSC members for not doing their homework. But when something serious is going on, where are they? Seriously.

So, the BSC gets a new client; Betsy Sobak looooooves practical jokes and making everyone else’s lives hell, as several peripheral characters tell Claudia. But she shows up to her job as prepared as she can be, but by the end of the job, she’s in the hospital with a broken leg, thanks to the little scamp. So, Claudia’s out of babysitting commission for, like, 3 months. And she’s thinking about quitting babysitting. Understandable. Then, Mrs. Sobak calls back to get another sitter – woman’s got balls – and the BSC declares practical joke war. Now, here’s where I go, “The FUCK?” Now, I was a goody-goody, but I would have said, “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we cannot sit for a charge that puts any member in physical danger.” And, if I were a parent of a baby-sitter, I’d be all “You are forbidden from sitting for little devil child from hell whose parents never taught her mumble mumble swear mumble…”

So, blah, joke war. Stupid. Finally, Kristy wins it by really embarrassing little Betsy in public and being kinda cruel. And the big moral is…Claudia was embarrassed and that’s why she thought about quitting. But don’t worry, she’s sticking around, stinky cast and all.


Monday, December 05, 2005

She’s such a party pooper; or, BSC #64: Dawn’s Family Feud

Full disclosure: I picked this one because they take a trip to Boston, and I’ll be down in Boston (well, technically Cambridge) later this week for a really important job interview. So, I’ve got Boston on the brain.

To the bat-book! Dawn’s crazy excited because her younger brother, Jeff, is coming to visit. But his visit doesn’t go very well. The Pike triplets—oh horror of horrors--don’t play soccer! And Richard (Mary Anne’s dad) is completely NOT athletic, and he takes Jeff to museums (what can I say, he’s a PBS dad!), which Dawn thinks is “ruining Jeff’s vacation.” Meanwhile, Jeff’s being a whiny little bitch, and Dawn keeps defending him (which I can’t quite figure out, cause when I was that age, and my little bro was being a little shit, it drove me nuts). And Dawn and Mary Anne start fighting.

So, they go on a long weekend to Boston…Short version of vacation: the kids’ fighting totally ruins the adult’s vacay, complete with Mary Anne sleeping in their room, effectively preventing any naked fun for the parents. [Okay, so they’ve got 2 rooms at the Parker House, which is ultra-expensive; now, they make a big deal out of how Kristy’s rich now, but the Spiers must not be hurtin’ for cash. Oh, and they stop for gas in Providence, which is funny for me, cause my hate for Providence knows no bounds—don’t ask.] They do nothing but fight when they’re together, so they start splitting up, Schafers vs the Spiers, as the cover says. Finally, the parents get pissed and let the kids know. So, they go home early, and finally make up during a family portrait session. (Yeah, right.)

And Richard sings this song that I thought was that Phantom Planet song that’s the theme for the O.C., but it’s actually an Al Jolson song from the 20s.

Oh, other story: one single-parent family with three kids is dating another with four kids…

I liked all the references to real places in my section of the world, even if they stopped in Providence for gas… I know it right on 95, but it’s a city. Sure, it’s a crappy little city with major issues and a giant inferiority complex, but why would you stop in a city. I mean, get gas in East Greenwich or Woonsocket. Whatever.