Saturday, December 23, 2006

Alas, not a real new entry...

I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays! I've got some good stuff lined up for the new year, and all you readers have contributed to making this past year very, very interesting...So, cheers!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Just a heads up...

Okay, so I probably should have planned this out better, but I realized last night that I don't think I'll be able to post another entry this month. I have to complete a last minute move (stupid rent going up:(, but I found a place with a bigger kitchen!), and then come the holidays. So, I should be resuming regular posting in a few weeks, probably the first week in January. So, amuse yourselves with the archives, and don't forget to check back in a few weeks!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Are you done saying "Ew" and pretending to barf? Good.; or, BSC #67: Dawn's Big Move

Okay, I wasn't sure if I'd read this one first time around, and I don't think I did. If I did, I totally don't remember a single thing about it, which doesn't speak highly of its merits.

So, in this one, Dawn's crazy homesick for Cali and for her dad and Jeff. So, she decides she wants to go for a really long (like 6 months) visit. And her parents work it out, and the trip is happening, and then Dawn spends the rest of the book angsting about how people are coping so well with the fact that she's leaving. And of course she has second thoughts and changes her mind right before the trip, only to have a heart to heart with her mom, which helps her realize she's making the right decision. And we end with Dawn on the plane. Blah.

Subplot: There's this weird charity field-day type competition between Stoneybrook and neighboring Lawrenceville. And of course there are family teams and BSC teams and everyone is all into it, including the townie kids, and apparently we're supposed to think that these kids practicing and getting all competitive is hilarious, as opposed to mainly boring. And Stoneybrook wins, cause why would a town that's never mentioned again in the entire series win?

The plot of this one was really, really boring. Seriously, it alternated between reading about Dawn being all lame or everyone being all lame about the competition-y thing. So, the only things that propelled me through this one are:

  1. Dawn and Mary Anne making "Tofu Garden Delight." Mary Anne's never heard of arrowroot, which I found a little odd, given the fact that she's a babysitter, and babies eat arrowroot cookies. But maybe that's just me?

  2. I'm sorry, Dawn, but people in New England are allowed to say that southern California doesn't really have seasons. You can argue with them, but they will probably win.

  3. Oh, "One of our members, Stacey McGill, got a crush on some guy and started hanging out with him and his friends. Well, they were pretty wild..." is just WRONG. Stacey hung out with them cause she caught the surfing bug. She did NOT have a crush on any of the boys. Manuscript assistant should've read "California Girls" before including that little tidbit.

  4. Mal, you can only discover a magic land in a wardrobe, not in the back of closet. Narnia is not in Claud's closet. Maybe the black hole of Calcutta, but not Narnia.

  5. Shut up, Dawn, we know you're all afraid of New York. You don't need to remind us.

  6. Foosball is not table hockey, ANM. It is nothing like hockey. It's table soccer (or football, for all you non-Americans). Dumbass.

  7. Okay, so one of the events in Run for Your Money (the stupid charity thingee) is an underwear race, during which you strip and run and have to cross the finish line in your undies. Now, I've never heard of this sort of thing, but I'm hardly one to talk, as I once went to an underwear party, and I walked around looking quite fetching in my skirt and bra. But I swan (heh.). For the event, Sharon bought Richard "a Simpsons tank top undershirt and an oversized pair of boxer shorts with red hearts on them." Stupid sexy Richard.

  8. All the notebook entries in this book are wicket short. And Claud spells Jamie as Jammie. Heh.

  9. Oh, so Kristy gets crazy bitchy about Dawn leaving, like she's doing it on purpose just to fuck with Kristy and the rest of the BSC. Now, I don't like to defend Dawn, but seriously, the girl has to make the big decisions for herself, not based on how they'll affect the club. So, shut up, Kristy!

  10. Hee. It's My Big Fat Greek Family Reunion, complete with whole lambs on spits. Hee.

  11. Oh, poor Jessy. Her cousin/N.J. best friend Keisha's acting like a sullen teenager. And she has a "bad" friend and is all interested in boys...Well, it's a good thing Mal is emotionally retarded and will never act like a teenage girl.

  12. Your fashion fix this week comes not from Claud, but from the Spier household: "I put on my one-piece bathing suit, then threw a sweat suit over it [now that's California casual!], and jammed my feet into a pair of sneakers...Mom was racing aroun dthe kitchen, dressed in very chic running shorts, with a matching top, leg warmers, and brand-new white sneakers. Richard was wearing a baggy, stiff pair of jeans; a paint-stained sweat shirt; an dhis brown, hideous 'comfortable walking shoes.'" I'm totally singing "Let's get physical, physical..." while picturing Sharon.

  13. "Do you know what it's like to be a vegetarian surrounded by nothing but hot dogs, hamburgers, sausage, and fried chicken? Torture!
    We finally settled on a stand that sold corn on the cob [Is it hothouse corn?] and bags of peanuts." Yes, Dawn, please bitch some more about how hard it is for you to be all healthy in Connecticut. Please, I haven't heard it enough. Really. I love hearing you whine.

  14. Oh my god. Another fucking goodbye party with lots of little kids. GET A LIFE AND SOME OTHER FRIENDS YOUR AGE, YOU STUPID BITCHES!

Wow, this was a mean entry. Oh well.

Oh, and the "Dear Reader" page at the end? ANM is all "my big decision was whether or not to go to Smith or Mt. Holyoke, and my heart led me to Smith..." which I think is funny, cause they don't really list her among the illustrious alums in all their promo materials. Hee.