Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I heart this!!!

Okay, so I absolutely adored "An Abundance of Katherines." And the author, John Green and his brother are doing this videoblog, and you need to watch this entry:



BeccainKY said...

I'm totally addicted to this blog. I used to read BSC religiously. I was in the book club too. Now i want to go to the library and read them.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff!

I wanted to ask you some questions about being a librarian. What would be a good way to get in touch? Also thanks for all the snark, I love it!


rebecca said...

Yea for another John Green fan amongst the BSC fandom world!

I haven't been able to get through An Abundance of Katherines yet (it's crawling for me; I'm just not sucked in yet) but Looking for Alaska is easily my favorite young adult--or maybe just favorite--book!