Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Keep your panties on...

Update forthcoming...I've been having some computer probs, and I have a very different schedule as of last week. So...I should have time this weekend to do an update. And I'm definitely thinking about the offers for books...And the feasibility of getting then or whatever...

And seriously, keep your panties on...You're nasty. Yeah. You can't do that here.


Alice said...

But I miss you!

Laura said...

Can't wait for new snark. Sincerely hope your computer sorts itself out!

Claire Pike said...


Vanessa Pike said...

Have some patience, Claire!
The update will soon be there!

nicky pike said...

Time for the bizzer sign!

BurtonFanatic said...

Thank goodness! I was about to XEAPO myself!

Anonymous said...

I new update would be dibbly fresh.

Katie said...

"You can't fight in here, it's the War Room!"

Emma said...

My fellow BSC fans-- while Tiff sorts out her computer and schedule problems, the lack of hilarity is probably making you severely depressed. So........I present to you a link. A link to a website containing a post so hilarious, I was actually ROFLMAO. And that is extremely difficult to do, as those who have attempted to do so know. ;) This is pretty much the only time when charts and graphs have been so hilarious.


*Note: The charts and graphs are kinda small, so you may want to zoom in on your computer. For Mac users, press ⌘+

BurtonFanatic said...

Oh.... guess what I found @ my local thrift store... 13 BSC books.
#11 Kristy and the Snobs
#12 Claudia and the New Girl
#22 Jessi Ramsey, Pet-sitter
#23 Dawn on the Coast
#24 Kristy and the Mother's Day Surprise
#27 Jessi and the Superbrat
#29 Mallory and the Mystery Diary
#30 Mary Anne and the Great Romance
#32 Kristy and the Secret of Susan
#34 Mary Anne and Too Many Boys
#36 Jessi's Baby-sitter
#48 Jessi's Wish

The Baby-Sitters Club Guide to Baby-Sitting

Tiff, if you want any of these let me know. They're all in almost perfect condition.

A new game the BSC invented.

caludia kishi said...

Im rely locking ford...fro...for...cant wate for the uppd...udp...new snarke.

colleenn said...

burtonfanatic, i am jealous. :) i've been trying to collect a complete set of BSC books for awhile now after i rediscovered my old ones in my parents' cellar, and lots of the ones you found are the ones that back in the day i'd taken out of the library rather than purchased, so they're ones i'm missing. i have a ton in the 40s-60s but am missing a lot before that. i haven't had any luck since the summer, when i stumbled across a few of the early books at a used bookstore (but i also haven't been looking as hard lately because all my money is going to grad school apps). :P but anyway, yay to finding so many books! hopefully they lead to some good snark sessions. :)

BurtonFanatic said...

colleenn- I don't plan on keeping them for long. I just wanted to re-read them and laugh at the ridiculousness that it the BSC- so I guess what I'm saying is that I was planning on passing them to Tiff if she wanted them, but if she already has them I'll give them to you. I plan on visting a lot of local thrift shops in search of more BSC and Sweet Valley books, so I'll list my new BSC books as I find them.
Oh yeah, I found the BSC board games at the thrift store too.

I used to have over 100 BSC books (SERIOUSLY), but my mom gave them all away... I should tell her to ZMFVU off.

KL said...

If anyone wants any books...I def. have books 1-100 packed in boxes...my younger sisters just didn't appreciate the BSC as I did...

Anonymous said...

Amazon actually has a great selection. If you order from one place and ask them to group your order, you'll save on shipping. The books themselves only cost about a cent (really!), but the shipping costs'll get you if you don't bundle your orders.

I've rediscovered my collection (actually, it's bigger than I remember it being - I have books 1 through about 75), but I'm trying to collect them all. Awkwardly uncomfortable when people asked what I wanted for Christmas...

Oh well, there are a lot of worse things I could be into. Crack cocaine, for instance.

colleenn said...

oh, definitely tiff gets first dibs on anything. :) she deserves like a complete set of those fancy boxed sets that came with four books each packed into them for all the entertainment she's provided me with. hehe. but yeah, i'd totally buy used copies from people who don't want them anymore if tiff doesn't need them. that would be dibbly fresh. i should also check out amazon... i was worried about shipping costs getting out of control (my finace tolerates my BSC craziness for now, but i think spending hundreds of dollars on it would push him over the edge just a bit ;)), but the bundling thing is a good idea.

McKay said...

Real life silly-billy-goo-goo! *sulks*

ajane said...

Talking about what BSC books we have... I found a bunch in a thrift store about a year ago, mostly higher ones and the stupid BSC:FF ones.

I have:
# 8 Boy-Crazy Stacey
#23 Dawn on the Coast
#35 Mary Anne and Too Many Boys
#42 Jessi and the Dance School Phantom
#47 Mallory on Strike
#55 Jessi's Gold Medal
#92 Mallory's Christmas Wish
#96 Abby's Lucky Thirteen
#127 Abby's Un-Valentine

Mystery # 9 Kristy and the Haunted Mansion
Mystery #12 Dawn and the Surfer Ghost
Mystery #21 Claudia and the Recipe for Danger

Super Mystery #4 Babysitters' Christmas Chiller

The Babysitters Club: the book based on the 1995 movie.

FF #2 Stacey vs. Claudia
FF #5 Kristy Power!
FF #10 Stacey's Problem


My word is "nmcwm" - some weird candy Claud refers to while she's got her head stuck in her closet.

Michelle said...

How do you "bundle orders" from Amazon? Do you have to contact the seller? Thanks for the tip!!!

Anonymous said...

I just found this site and holy shit, this is seriously one of the funniest things I've ever read. I'm in my late 20s and collected the BSC books right up into the #130 range (at that point, I was getting way too old for that crap and well... it's really hard to explain why you're reading Tolstoy AND a BSC book, y'know?). Reading these rants of yours is totally hilarious and I'm loving it :D

Anonymous said...

I picked up "The Complete Guide to The Baby-sitters Club" at a thrift store for 45-cents. It's a must read! Completely insane. Seriously, look it up on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2:06 PM- I picked that up at my local thrift store too!
I was only skimming it but the parts I did read were actually- dare I say it? GOOD ADVICE! What gives?
One thing that I forgot about was how much I loved the handwriting in the BSC books. I would try to mimic all of their writing and fail miserably.

Eponine said...

My mom threw out all my BSC books. And I had at least a hundred.

And she just threw them out too! As in, without asking me.

I wish I could say this happened when I was like 7, so I could be legitly bitter, but it was when I was like 14, so I really have no excuse.

But um, in the event that they magically show up... you can have em Tiff.

kylie said...

Hey BSCers, can you help me? One of the horse books Mal and Jessi read is called Impossible Charlie. When I was into horse books at age 8 I read one called Impossible Barney. I'm wondering if this would be the same book with the title slightly altered. I can't check the authors cause all my old kid books are still at my Mum's house. Thanx muchly. :)

Mehreen said...

I wish I had my own house with my own library so I could justify restarting my BSC collection. Being a student, I move too much. Imagine my horror when I went home for Christmas and was unable to locate my box of childhood books. My father claims he gave them to my cousin. I think he's a dirty rotten liar and I may never be able to forgive him.

KaveDweller said...

I think my mother donated all mine to a library. I wonder if I could go there and ask for them back.

But seriously, all this talk of what books people have makes me think we should set up a book swap. I bought a bunch of old ones on e-bay, but after I read them once, I realized I didn't need to keep them.

em said...

Hey, Tiff! I love the blog, and I'm looking forward to the next update. In the meantime... do you follow webcomics at all? C'est la Vie referred to BSC today.

McKay said...

Impossible Charlie is a real book. Never read it myself...I think it's from AMM's generation.

Anonymous said...

Part of the reason I was so excited to buy our first place was so I could immediately rescue my 70+ BSC books from my mother, who has threatened to throw them away essentially every day since I was 12.

Anonymous said...

bookcloseouts.com has boxed sets and individual BSC books

AFitz said...

But my panties are so restricting :(

Anonymous said...

youree soo fukin funny..im glad i found ur site..u shud read book #109 and book #52 ulll b shoked tp find how book 52 mentions maryanne taking care of thesse twin babies they et at some safety class..yet in bk #109 is when they just meet the people.fukin wierd....keeppp the posstsss comming ...!!!!!!

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