Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Teeny update!

So, they're rereleasing the BSC books, right? And THEY'RE NOT CHANGING THE CLOTHES! Sure, they're updating the technology and talking about ipods instead of walkmans and adding a bunch of references to cell phones (or so I hear), but there will still be famous cities skirts and ice cream cone style roll down socks! And lobster earrings! And suspenders! I guess that now that 80s fashions have come around again (and again) (and again), the pubs think it's just fine to have a book full of horrible style! Yay!

(Again, this is all rumor-ish. I have a "source" that gave me this info; it's not first hand.)

I'm still super busy, but I miss blogging, so I'm in the idea stage of a project that might bring me back...No promises, but I have some ideas...